How To Breed OMEN DRAGON! – DragonVale

dragonvale trick dragon breeding

DragonVale Cheats

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The dragonvale trick dragon breeding – dragonvale cheats and hack.

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Video Rating: / 5

dragonvale trick dragon breeding
DragonVale Cheats

22 Replies to “How To Breed OMEN DRAGON! – DragonVale”

  1. so… at the frosty jumbile update I buyed a mystery egg and… few hours and I got the omen dragon! I was very lucky! I got a lucky dragon egg!

  2. Okay I'm currently playing the candy bash event and I've been breeding my dragons more then 10x can somebody tell me why the hell i am still able to get omen dragon so I 't waste my gems for nothing!!! I was able to get spectre Lycan but I can't get omen some one please help!

  3. If you read it's description you will understand I think it is just making a pose or getting ready to do what ever it wants to or it's just doing it for fun xD

  4. I have a question , do you know how to get the themes that are in the store or events right now? Like the apocalypse or something like that , the Gold theme , the rainbow theme etc etc ?

    Edit: Do you have to wait for other events to have those?

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