Como Hackear Dragon Vale #Cydia (PTBR)

dragonvale bugs glitches

DragonVale Cheats
dragonvale bugs glitches



-Estou Fazendo Uma Intro Para o Canal

-Se Tiverem Dúvidas Comente


————-ATÉ A PROXIMA————

Sorry for the long wait. I’ve been away and busy. There will be more in the future.
Friends are just like trees. They stand by you until you attack them with a chainsaw.

The dragonvale bugs glitches – dragonvale hack for everyone.

My Good friend JUNJUN LEW I brought to my attention and you game on Facebook called Dragon farm. Imite restarting the game it resembles DragonVale to such a likeness that it’s almost staggering. As you going to the game is set up and user interface looks like that of DragonCity. Coincidence? I would think not in any game creator could see that these two very popular Dragon games Could only do better if they merged. As Tecmo merges with Koei… Dragon city merges with DragonVale to create this new grand Dragon game on Facebook called Dragon farm!


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My iPod has some kind of bug!
My account is kadewyatt Talking Tom Cat 2 – app for iPhone, iPad and Android:

dragonvale bugs glitches
DragonVale Cheats

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